Sizing Guide

Tools that you will need: 

 1. Flat Surface 

2. Measuring stick or measuring tape (measuring tape is much easier) 

Getting the waist measurement 

Note – Our Men’s + Women’s jeans are both Mid-Rise. Men’s is a slim fit jean and the Women’s is a tapered skinny, mid-rise that sits slightly higher on the hips. 

Here is how to get your sizing: 

 1. Take a pair of your jeans with the best match to the description in the note above. 

2. Lay them out flat with the front of the jeans facing up

 3. Align the front of the jeans with the back of the jeans and measure across the top of the jeans.

 4. Double this measurement and this is your waist measurement. Look at our size chart and find the corresponding size.

 Measuring Your Inseam

1. Lay the jeans face up with one pant leg as flat as possible

 2. Measure from the crotch junction to the cuff. This is where the four seams form the crotch.

 3. This is your inseam.

You may want to try this on more than one of your jeans especially if you aren't used to Mid-rise or men's slim or women's skinny/slim jeans. You can also go to a local store by you like a US Nordstrom and try on a couple of jeans that look similar to Køben jeans just to get a better idea. We want everyone to be happy with the pants, so we will do our best to make sure you get the right fit.