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What is Køben?

Denim has gone from the workingman's staple to fashion piece to a luxury item. There are tons of variations of denim with fit, finish, color, treatments that have innovated the way that we wear our denim and how it looks. The denim sector has grown pretty steadily year over year with a trend towards more 'luxury' versions in the market.

While the improvements to denim have been primarily focused on the finish or the exterior, very little has been done to increase the comfort of the wearer with a garment that many would say has some comfort issues. With the advent of stretch fabrics, denim has become less restrictive and better conforming to bodies but still there are innovations that can be done to make denim awesome.

Enter Køben silk-lined jeans. It seemed like a good idea to bring real innovation to denim by incorporating a lining fabric that was seriously comfortable but also functional. The construction of our jeans allows the fabrics to work together instead of feeling like a traditional liner that twists and separates from the garment. With the temperature regulating and wicking properties of silk coupled with a durable denim, we feel like we have come up with a real winner.


Key Features

  • Outrageously Comfortable
    From the first time you put on the jeans, you feel how amazing it is with the silk and denim working together.
  • Temperature Regulating
    You will instantly feel the temperature regulation at work. Basically, you will feel warmer when it is cool and cooler when it is warm.
  • Moisture Wicking
    Silk pulls the moisture away from your skin so it makes the jeans as comfortable as possible when you get wet. Additionally, silk holds up to 30% of its weight in water before it loses its temperature regulating properties. 
  • Great Fit
    We made several iterations of each style of jean and worked tirelessly on altering the pattern and re-making prototypes before we felt like we had a fantastic fit for both men and women.
  • Fashionable
    We made a jean that looks great whether you are going to work or going out with friends. The idea is that we made a multi-function pair of jeans that is stylish.


The History

The idea for lining jeans with silk occurred while I was living in Hong Kong and at the time it seemed like a relatively simple idea to execute. Little did I know that a 'simple' sewing operation would turn into hours upon hours of work and two years to get to where I felt like what I had in mind had become an actual product.

I started with jeans because I wanted more comfortable, quality clothing that was consistent with my style and denim was pretty uncomfortable for me. Specifically, I wanted to construct jeans that I could wear both professionally and casually but that were super comfortable. Drawing from my design experience at JCrew, Lands’ End and others, I built on an existing feature used in men's slacks and decided to line jeans with silk. 

The first real test for my newly minted silk-lined jeans came while in a plane over the Pacific Ocean when the air-conditioner quit. I woke up in panic, as my upper body was damp with sweat. I quickly realized I was hardly sweating anywhere that was covered with silk. I later found out that it was due to the temperature regulating and moisture-wicking properties of the silk.

After several iterations and design improvements and a full year of wear testing, I created Køben to share the magic. If you love comfort and you think silk inside jeans sounds awesome, help me make Køben a reality.


The Name

While on a trip to Denmark, I met up with some of my relatives and experienced a pretty deep dive into Danish life and how they live. I was fascinated to see how similar my mindset and overall view on life was compared to my relatives. On top of this, I was able to locate where my ancestors lived, their business locations and where they were buried. I had such an enjoyable time consuming Danish design from all aspects, including how my family had affected their surroundings by helping build Carlsberg Beer at its conception. (My Ancestor's Beer label below)

As I started turning the silk-lined jeans into a product, it felt like a good idea to incorporate my perception of Danish design and culture that has become part of who I am into the brand. Køben comes from the first half of Copenhagen in Danish - København, the capital of Denmark. København loosely means 'Merchants Harbor' with the Køben part as the merchants. I thought the word sounded cool and I liked the significance, so it seemed like a good fit.  




  • Men's Slim Fit 
    We started with a slim fit for the men because we wanted to build jeans that were comfortable but tailored to be useable in professional and casual settings. The fit for these jeans was based on a prototype that we sewed on a 1906 Singer sewing machine. Luckily, we hooked up with a great manufacturer in California to make several prototypes to get to our current fit.
  • Women's Slim Fit
    There were three different fits that we made for the women's jeans but the one fit that seemed to be the most consistent with what we are trying to accomplish with the jeans. o make it somewhat more suited to the way we saw women wearing their jeans. We got a lot of feed


Who is the Founder?

Køben was started by T Hughes. T has a background in both business consulting and fashion. T began his career in accessories design for Brighton in California, then went on to Men's Design at Lands' End in Wisconsin and then to Merchandising/Design in Men's + Women's wear at JCrew in New York. Following JCrew, T received an MBA from BYU and has been doing strategy consulting ever since.


Why Kickstarter?

With several crowd-sourced funding websites that are really building great momentum for Start-ups, we felt we needed to research and contact as many people that are involved in them and companies that have been successful and unsuccessful on the myriad platforms. Kickstarter stood out as the crowd-sourcing platform that has an amazing community of people who love fashion and who are passionate about supporting new products. Although we felt like there were other platforms that have good traffic and a strong community, the Kickstarter community seemed like the best one to help us build our product into a reality.


Key Quotes

“We are incredibly excited to be launching Køben on Kickstarter. Bringing an innovation to denim in the form of a silk-lining has made a product that we love wearing ourselves and something we think everybody will appreciate." T Hughes, Founder. 


"I put on my Køben jeans and fell in love. I wore them daily and once wore them to bed as pajamas. I wear them to work because they have a nice professional look. This fit is amazing and snug which is my preference.” ~ Andy Tibbitts, D.D.S. (Prototype Wearer)




TAK (Thanks in Danish) – Pledge $1 or more

Stay in the know with Køben and receive email updates about product promotions and developments!

Estimated delivery: Aug 2014


NELS (T-Shirt) – $25 or more

A Køben t-shirt that has our Logo Ø on the front and a full Køben logo on the back of the shirt. T-shirts made in the USA.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014


KASS (Wallet) – $50 or more

A Køben slot wallet in black or brown leather with contrast stitch. Wallets made in the USA.

Estimated delivery: Aug 2014


LARS (T-Shirt + Wallet) – $70 or more

A Køben slot wallet in brown leather with contrast stitch. Accompanied with the Køben T-Shirt.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014

VORM (Slim-Fit Jeans) – Pledge $150 or more

One pair of the Køben silk-lined, raw denim jeans. Available in both Men's and Women's slim fit. 

Estimated delivery:  Sep 2014


OLE (Slim-Fit Jeans + T-Shirt) – Pledge $280 or more

Two pairs of Køben silk-lined, raw denim jeans. Available in both Men's and Women's slim fit. Accompanied with the Køben T-Shirt.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014


ANDREAS (Slim-Fit Jeans, T-Shirt + Wallet) Pledge $400 or more

Receive everything offered on the Kickstarter, one pair of the Slim Fit (Men's or Women's), silk-lined jeans, one Køben T-Shirt and the Køben slot wallet.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014


ELSE (Slim-fit Jeans, Lined with unique color silk, T-Shirt + Wallet) Pledge $500 or more

Receive everything offered on the Kickstarter, one pair of the Slim Fit, silk-lined jeans, one Køben T-Shirt and the Køben slot wallet. Unique to this reward is the ability to choose between 5 colors of silk that are above and beyond the original three colors of silk lining. 

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014

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