What is so great about silk lined jeans? 

Well, there are a few things. #1: They are great. Silk-lined jeans were created specifically to add comfort to your life. #2: How do you feel when you get wet while wearing denim? Not great? Us either. When you get wet in silk-lined jeans, it's simply more better. You still get the temperature regulation of the slik + denim combo, but the water actually gets wicked away from your skin and goes to the outside of the silk (kind of smart, right?) It makes wet denim a lot more tolerable. 
Back to #1, they are just insanely comfortable. We chose a charmeuse silk with a little bit of stretch to make it flow smoothly on your skin and give a little stretch when you are moving around so your jeans don't drag on you. Feel free to feel comfortable in your jeans. 


How do I wash my jeans?

Best ways to care for your jeans:

1. Dry Clean

2. Hand Wash

3. Gentle Cycle in your Washing Machine

Køben jeans will take care of you if you take care of them. Let's break down the three ways to clean your jeans:

1. Dry Cleaning your jeans is an option that is pretty easy but a little expensive in most locations. If you do dry clean, look for a place that                  uses an organic cleansing process. You can find many of these options via internet or just ask your local Dry Cleaner.

2. Hand washing is pretty simple and can actually be the best way to clean and quickest (drying can take some time). Here is what you do: In a bath tub or big scrubbing tub, rinse the jeans in tepid water, then use shampoo (silk is protein-based and a lot like human hair) or a gentle laundry detergent like Woolite® for dark colors or Dr. Bronner's baby soap. Just put in a little detergent and then wash the jeans inside and out with your hands. If you have Hard Water where you live, you might want to use some borax. Use tepid water to rinse. Hang Dry.  

3. This one should be pretty self explanatory. However, if you don't know how to use your own washing machine, don't ask us. Simply follow the manufacturers instructions for a gentle cycle. Use a gentle laundry detergent like Woolite® for dark colors or  Dr. Bronner's baby soap

Stay clean, people. 

Where is the silk and denim from?

Silk - We source our silk from China.

Denim - Our denim comes from mills here in the United States for the Men's denim and from China and the United States for the Women's denim. We try to use the best denim that functions well with the silk.

How durable are the jeans?

A lot of this depends on you. The jeans have been worn by people playing soccer, dancing, running and about everything else you can think to try out and they have held up great. The jeans are made to be tough and durable. The denim is strong, yet comfortable and the silk is made with 2% Spandex to increase a naturally strong fiber. If you are getting unusual wear and tear, contact us.

Can I return my jeans if I don't like them?

Absolutely. Feel free to return them and we will work out new jeans or a refund, whichever suits your fancy. We accept refunds up to 30 days after you have purchased them.

Won't I get really hot wearing jeans with a silk liner?

This depends a lot on who is wearing them, humidity levels and environment. We have had many people come back to us saying that they were expecting to feel too hot in the jeans but ended up feeling like the silk helped keep them cooler. Others have come back and told us that they can't wear the jeans because they are too hot over a certain temperature. A silk liner works as a fantastic insulator when your body starts cooling down but in warmer temperatures it depends on the Wearer.