Care Instructions

We at Køben argue that our clothing is true luxury and we hope you agree. As such, here are your options for the best care of the jeans:

  1. Dry Clean - Dry Cleaning your jeans is a great way to keep the silk and denim pristine. It can be a little expensive in most locations but the anti-microbial aspects of the silk will make it so you don’t have to clean the jeans as often. If you do dry clean, look for a place that uses an organic cleaning process.
  1. Hand Wash – Washing the jeans by hand is relatively simple. Here are some basic steps: In a bathtub, rinse the jeans in lukewarm water, then use a gentle laundry detergent like Woolite®for dark colors orDr. Bronner's baby soap. Place a small amount of laundry detergent on the jeans and wash the jeans inside out with your hands. Use cool water to rinse. Hang dry.
  1. Washing Machine - Use the same laundry detergent from above (Woolite®or Dr. Bronner's baby soap) and wash the jeans on gentle cycle. Hang dry.