About Us

Much of the inspiration for Køben comes from my family from Denmark. While trying to connect with some of my extended family and search out our origins, I found Denmark to be full of intended design and functional comfort from houses, to jewelry to even in the seats on their trains.

While I was in Copenhagen, I found some records that my Ancestor was buried in the main Cemetery and that during his life; he was one of the main and first distributors of Carlsberg Beer. I became entranced with Denmark and felt a strong tie to my ancestors and my family that I visited.

Køben has become my interpretation of Danish design matched with American ingenuity. Silk-lined jeans are the beginning of Køben's foray into better clothing for people who appreciate luxury and function. The silk/denim combo of our jeans provides unparalleled comfort and temperature regulation. 

With your help, we hope to create products that push the envelope in both beauty and function. Thanks for your support and help.